Restoration of a PETROMAX 829 lantern

I would like to thank Jan Moller from germany for letting me use his restoration manual on my site

his help and support for the newbies is greatly appriciated  © : Jan Moeller, Germany

The description below is based on the work I did and the experiences I had during the restoration of a Petromax® lantern.

This step-by-step instruction may guide you through all the work perhaps necessary in order to get your lantern restored and back to work or perform better for future operation.
This instruction can similarly be used for a PETROMAX 828 (350 CP), 827 (250 CP) and GENIOL 830 (150 CP).

Although I’m providing this information for everyone to read and use, I can’t assume any responsibility for the work, functionality or safety of your lantern and your work.
If you restore a lantern following these procedures it is your sole responsibility to take care of all necessary precautions in order to safely operate and enjoy your lantern.

Sept. 2008
Author © : Jan Moeller, Germany
Translation: Erwin Schaefer, Germany

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The part no’s. referred to in the following description are the standard part no’s. given by Petromax. These can be used e.g. for identifying parts or ordering replacement parts.

Pic. 1: This is the candidate for restoration before disassembly.

Disassembly instructions
Chapter 1- Disassembly

Chapter 1. Disassembly

Start with the ventilator (#123). Loosen the knurled nuts on the frame (#121) until the ventilator can be lifted and removed. After this the inner hood (#117) can be taken out. Make sure the ceramic burner is not damaged when setting aside.

Now take the glass globe (#74) and the heat shield (if fitted) out. Remove the centre bottom screw (#14) which fixes the centre bottom plate to the font with a flat screwdriver. Next, take the centre bottom plate (#122) out and set the complete frame aside.

The font (#120) with the attached parts is left now.
The Rapid pre-heater (#226) is disassembled as follows: Open the pre-heater lever (#223), pull the flame tube (#220) off, unscrew the nozzle (#221) and the pre-heater nut (#222). The lever
(#223) can now be removed. Finally unscrew the pre-heater body (#225) and put all parts aside.

To disassemble the generator, remove the nozzle (#115) with a 9mm wrench (or Petromax® wrench or adjustable wrench), then take the needle (#6 out with the special tool (see pic. 13).

Unscrew the gland nut of the gen’s upper part (#152) using a proper wrench and lift the upper part off of the gen. rod (#104). Now unscrew the complete valve (#114) with a 10mm (or equivalent) wrench. One now can take the complete generator rod (#104) out. Unscrew the gen’s lower part (#153) from the font (#120).

To complete the disassembly remove the complete pressure gauge set (#149). Remove the pump (#6) to get access to the pump check valve (#10). Take the valve out with a big, flat screwdriver or the special check valve tool (#57) depending on the type of valve.

You are now done with disassembly.

Pic. 2: Lantern completely disassembled into parts.

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